The Akron Initiative

Written by | WKSU

Akron is at a watershed moment in its history, a time of transition and evolution. WKSU is leading an ongoing effort to explore and document the socio-economic changes underway in Akron that will determine the future of the entire city.

What does Akron mean to you? Is it work or home? Both or neither? Is it a destination for arts and entertainment, food and sports? Are you new to Rubber City, or does your family go back generations? Is Akron a source of pride?

Akron is a city in transition. After decades of economic decline, of people leaving the city (and Northeast Ohio altogether,) Akron is changing. But what will that change mean to the entire city and its residents?

Akron is one city, but it is also 24 neighborhoods. Each has distinct stories worth telling. They are individual stories about where the city has been, where it is now and where it’s heading. They are stories of decline and of revival, of struggle and hope. While the stories are distinct to each neighborhood, but they also represent a common experience that shared by the whole city.

WKSU wants to hear your stories, the good and the bad, the sad and the uplifting, the gripping and the amusing. We want to help you share them with your neighbors, down the street, cross-town and around the region. We’re looking to collaborate with traditional and new media groups, to foster partnerships that will help better tell the story of the entire city in a way that connects you and gives you a voice in helping to steer the city’s future, in putting a spotlight both on what’s not working and what deserves noting and celebrating.

Last modified: December 7, 2018